Your Thoughts Reveal The Road Map for Your Life…Where are you going? Most people think that life happens TO them and they have no say in what happens. That’s really not how God designed it. Our thoughts about life are the vehicles that take us to a destination. I’m sure you have heard the saying, “Change your thoughts and change your life”. It’s a little more detailed than that but that is the main premise.

Our thoughts pick a destination and our belief backed by emotions fuel that vehicle toward its destination. Most people don’t understand that it’s their thoughts and the emotion behind those thoughts that are driving them to this destination. That’s why the saying “Change your thoughts and change your life” is so true because your thoughts…positive or negative…are picking the destination, so if you don’t like it CHANGE IT! But again it not as simple as just a new thought because that thought has to be backed with the belief of positive emotion for the best results…the emotion is the fuel that powers the journey.
It sounds simple, and it really is, but most people attach their emotions to what is facing them at the moment and think they have no power to change it. “That’s just life,” they say no matter how much it sucks. Abraham had to call those things that were not as though they were. Meaning he had to deny the current situation of his age and Sarah’s age and years of no results and claim God’s promise that they could have a child.
Here is the kicker, if we are in a tough situation, we have feelings that go along with that situation, and that only re-enforces the situation more. Sound unfair? Well, what you sow you reap…that’s the law. If we sow fear, we get more of the outcome we fear. If we sow confidence and trust, we get that in return as well. It is the way it is set up and while it seems screwed up and totally unfair when you are in the down cycle and everything you see and feel is taking you down…it is also true that we can change it. We can change it with a thought of what we desire, what God has promised and the more we stay with that new state of mind which we desire, the more we can feel it as real and the shift takes place. The world around us is not as real as we think it is. What do I mean by that? If you look for confirmation that life is hard, people suck, you don’t fit in, you don’t belong…you will find it in abundance every time. You think this confirms your “truth” but in fact, it’s what you were looking for so it showed up. But do you understand that this world God has put us in is really a wonderful place? Meaning that when you look for good you will find that as well. When you look for a shift in your life, it will show up.
So again, I ask you…Your thoughts reveal the roadmap for your life so, where are you going? The possibilities are infinite and that’s why we need to look at them and find out where they lead.