About Good News Publications

I started Good News Publications in 1987 in order to produce classes, books, and other projects I had in mind. For more than a decade now, my focus has been on developing the series Stories for Joshua. With over 80 stories, 12 CDs and 12 Companion Booklets, it has been a major undertaking. It started in Williamsburg, VA  and now I am living in Colorado Springs. With the help of Mike Verdicchio, who is the voice on the recordings, and many others over the years…it has been a rewarding and beloved project.

Currently there are 5 Physical CD products that can be order, all 12 Albums are available for Digital Download. Individual stories can be downloaded as well, but in order to get the workbook that helps parents, grandparents or teachers follow-up on the lessons, a complete Album will need to be order either physical or digital since each workbook covers all the stories of that Album.

Here are the titles of the 12 Volumes which you can order independently if you see a topic you like:

Volume 1          Genesis
Volume 2          Moses
Volume 3          Joshua and Judges
Volume 4          Judges/Ruth/Job
Volume 5          Samuel/David
Volume 6          Elijah/Elisha
Volume 7          The Kings
Volume 8          The Prophets
Volume 9          Babylon and the Captivity
Volume 10        John and Christ’s Early Ministry
Volume 11        Christ’s Final Days
Volume 12        First Century Church

Here is a brief recording explaining the heart behind the series.

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