The Positive thinker sees the invisible, feels the intangible and accomplishes the impossible….I love that!!!
This is the realm we should all live in, it’s the realm I am teaching about in this class on Infinite Possibilities, it’s the God realm that is ours to be a part of.
Here is a quote from the book “The Last Arrow” which is very inspiring.
“The truth is that many of us ask very little of God because we think very little of Him. We are afraid to pray big prayers because if God doesn’t come through it might shatter our faith. I’m convinced that far too often we try to protect God with our prayers. We ask Him to do only what we can do ourselves so that we don’t put Him in an embarrassing predicament and prove to unbelievers that God is not nearly as powerful as we had hoped. I can assure you that God doesn’t need our protection. He doesn’t need our small prayers to protect His big name. Is it possible that our dreams are too small for God and that our ambitions are too small to need God? If we choose to live a small life, we do not make enough room for a big God. Over and over again in the Scriptures, God calls men and women who think very little of themselves to accomplish great things. God takes men and women who felt too small for a big life and challenged them to dream big and live big.”
Where are you? Can you dream big? Can you live big? Can you walk with God to live a big, full life? These are the things we need to ask ourselves every morning when we wake up. Casting off Religious limitations and reaching for the Infinite Possibilities with a God Who can get us there.