For the past month or so, I have been exposed to books and people online who are helping women overcome the prejudice against females in the business world and in the world in general. As the son of a working Mom, I get this and support it totally. I see absolutely NO reason to pay a woman less or to expect more from them than what a man gets.
Currently, I am reading a book called “Flourish: Have it all without losing yourself” by Dr. Rachel Talton. It is a very good book, but once again it is focused mainly on Women and how to get ahead, as the title says, without losing yourself.
Dr. Rachel, as she is referred to, talks about the “Golden Mask” that so many women have to wear to appear perfect, worthy and powerful. As I said earlier I get this when I remember what my Mom went through and what my own sister has done through the years.
These topics are important and need to be addressed publically and openly. In her book, at least what I have read so far, Dr. Rachel does not belittle men in order to advance women…which all too often is the case. She presents a story that women can use to address their own internal issues, which I think is needed and wonderful.
But as I was reading this morning, I thought about the other side…men. Brenee Brown addresses this beautifully when she talks about a man who came to her and said, he felt like it would be better for him to die on top of the Proverbial “White Horse…providing for his family and saving the world” than to admit that he was vulnerable and sometimes the pressure was just too much.
How many men have to wear the same “Golden Mask” to appear like they have it all together. I do believe there is an inequality when it comes to women in the work place, but the pressures of having to have it all together, put on a good show, look unshakable, invincible, and totally together apply to both genders, but somehow if a man admits he is overwhelmed…he’s weak and nobody respects a weak man. So we suck it up, push through, bury it, fight harder and prove how resilient we are…and honestly women are expected to do the same thing if they are going to make it.
In this post, I am not trying to solve this problem with quick fixes and brilliant insight. I don’t have a verse to quote that is supposed to end all the conversation. In fact, this is here just to start the conversation, so if you want to reply that would be great and I will try to post more later.