What do you desire?

I think it was Saturday that I wrote the following…

“I am currently taking a class on 5 …what does 5 mean? It’s what are your next 5 years going to look like? What are you going to do with your life in the next 5 years? It’s a perfect class for me because it ties in perfectly with what I want to teach next as a class.
When you think back on the last 5 years it really is remarkable how much has happened and how much is possible. You can become an entirely new person in 5 years, have a completely new life in 5 years, make an amazing transition in 5 years, but there has to be a plan for it to be positive and successful. Do you have such a plan? Have you ever put pen to paper and planned out the details, the road map to match the vision you desire? Well, that’s what I will be sharing in emails these next week or so and what I will be planning in the upcoming class, so I hope they are helpful to you.”
The upcoming class is called “Infinite Possibilities” which is the title of a book I read, but that is where most of the similarity¬†ends. “Infinite Possibilities” has to do with our desire to grow, expand, live our dreams, manifest our desires, walk with and work with the Creator of the Universe in order to have the best life possible.
Today is Labor Day, which is sort of a mark of the end of Summer and the push for the close of the year. It’s time to focus now, make plans, set the foundation, and get ready for life to take off in the direction you want it to…are you ready?