Do you know how close you are?
We are always one thought, one action, one belief away from all that we could ever want to experience in our lives. Each moment of each day we have the opportunity to change our lives and the world around us…with just one thought, one concept that we choose to believe and manifest.
One step on a new path leads to another and all the world around you shifts. Are you ready to take that step? Are you open to that one thought? Are you ready to live your dreams?
If you said “YES” then look for and expect that one thought, one decision that can change it all. The Creator of the Universe is behind us so there are no limits, just make it happen.
I know football season is over but I still think about the game. Did you know that every play is designed to score? Every play we execute has the potential to score? We run some 60-70 plays a game…that is a lot of potential
Each thought we have could be the next one that changes our lives…something to think about over the weekend.