Are You Ready?
For months now the fountain in our backyard has been slowing down to the point that it was bearly flowing. I called the man who built the pond and asked him to come over.
The pump motor was running but the flow had all but stopped, so the man who built it took the cover off the pump and felt around. Now I had cleaned the pump every few days so I thought everything was good, but he stuck his hands down deep under the pump and found sludge and gunk and all manner of things that had over time settled in and plugged it all up.
He started moving it around with his hand and all of a sudden the fountain gushed like it hadn’t in months. As you can see from the picture attached, every level is flooding with water. 
This, of course, made me think about life. When things slow down and life seems to be a struggle and not much is happening, does that mean life is over…or we don’t deserve something better…or I’ve somehow missed the boat?
OR…does it simply mean my mind is clogged with so much of the sludge, gunk, and debris of life that will not allow me to accept the major flow of abundance that God is soooooo willing to give?
I am going with door number 2, how about you. Are you ready to open the flood gates and let life come gushing forth? I hope you said YES!