Our family LOVES the Stories for Joshua!
If we are in the car for any amount of time, our boys immediately ask to listen to them.  They started listening to them when they were 3 and 5, and are now 6 and 8, and they don’t ever tire of listening to them!  We’ve shared them with friends, who also love them as much as we do!  As a mother, I appreciate that it’s a fun way to share the stories of the Bible.  Our boys are able to remember and connect the stories to what we hear in church or their Sunday School classes.  Our boys love to hear about the adventures Joshua has with his friend, brother and sister.  It really helps our boys connect to what the Bible story is talking about.
I also appreciate that there are discussion questions (with answers!) to help us make even more connections to what the Bible is teaching us.  It also references specific passages so we can turn in the Bible to read.  We don’t dare turn off the CD too early, as each one ends with a song Look into the Word and the boys have it memorized!  This is a genuine treasure for our family.
Stephanie, Colorado