I am so thankful for Stories for Joshua and the value they have been, to my now grown children, and others I have been able to share with along the way.

As a Children’s Fellowship Coordinator when my own children were younger I was constantly on the search for meaningful, age appropriate material to use in the lessons. Stories for Joshua was perfect in communicating the heart of the Biblical passage in story form that the children could relate to and enjoy. It was easy enough to supplement with coloring pages, word searches, Bible time crafts, etc. to go along with the lesson we were studying. Even the young children were able to pay attention because of the 10-15 min. time frame and the entertaining adventures that Joshua had with his friend Nathan.

I found it a constant challenge to limit my children’s TV, video, computer time in light of knowing how important it is for their brains to use their own imagination and problem solving skills. Praise for Stories for Joshua which had the feel of the old radio program days! The time to listen together as a family; around the dinner table, in the car, the bath or before bedtime proved to be quality, focused time to share about our faith and trust in a loving Father who would always be there for them (even when Mommy and Daddy are not). Such a comfort to us all! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the attention to detail and heart in producing such a priceless work.

Regina, Colorado